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President Ilham Aliyev: “We are rebuilding Karabakh and Zangazur”

“We are rebuilding and must rebuild Karabakh and Zangazur. How much money is required for this? We are doing everything at our own expense. In one year and eight months, we were not provided with any assistance”. President Ilham Aliyev has said in his speech at the meeting dedicated to the results of six months of this year.

The head of state has emphasized that no-one has helped us with a single manat and we are doing everything ourselves. We are building cities and villages, we are constructing buildings and will do so much more: “In parallel with this, we are solving and will continue to solve social issues. No-one should doubt that because, let me repeat, we consider it our moral duty, and our social policy has always been like that. Notice how much wages have increased in recent years. This year, for example, the average salary has grown by about 14 percent and pensions by more than 10 percent. This growth has a source, the state budget – a budget thanks to which we are building up and will continue to build up the power of our army for the reasons I have mentioned, a budget, thanks to which we are solving social issues, rebuilding Karabakh, providing for all other needs without receiving a single manat from anyone”.

President of Azerbaijan has noted that those who have forgotten this should refresh their memory, as they say, and be a little more attentive.