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President İlham Aliyev: “We have proved to the whole world that people of Azerbaijan are great people”

“At the heart of all our work, our policy and our steps was the desire to bring this holy day closer, to see this day. We have achieved this thanks to our own strength”. President Ilham Aliyev has said at the Fifth Congress of World Azerbaijanis in Shusha city.

The head of our state emphasized that this is why the army building process was carried out swiftly, this is why Azerbaijan has acquired a modern army, this is why the young generation was brought up in the spirit of patriotism, hatred of the enemy and loyalty to the Fatherland.

“Instead of 30 years of meaningless negotiations, the people of Azerbaijan demonstrated their strength, restored justice, restored international law and proved to the whole world that we are a great nation and that this people, the Azerbaijani people, never intended to come to terms with the occupation”, President Ilham Aliyev has added.