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Meeting held at the State Committee

On June 10, Deputy Chairman of the State Committee on Religious Associations (SCRA) Sayavush Heydarov met with Deputy Chief of the US Mission to Azerbaijan Michael Dickerson.

Welcoming the guest, Deputy Chairman has provide the information on environment of multiculture and solidarity in the country, state policy and activities of tolerance nationwide and at global level, as well as the realities about Azerbaijan. The Deputy Chairman has noted that Azerbaijan undertakes constant efforts to protect the principles of unity and solidarity. At this stage, protection of national and religious tolerance, as well as the preserving and strengthening multicultural environment, ensuring a high level of freedom of religion, the establishment of religious security are of the major challenges that the State is facing. In the meantime, Azerbaijan has created necessary conditions for all religious communities, which do not spread harmful religious ideas and do not harm interreligious relations, and the state provides material and moral support to them, Mr. Heydarov has added

During the meeting, the Committee official drew attention to the report of the US State Department on International Religious Freedom for 2021 and expressed satisfaction with the fact that the document contains the facts about looting, vandalism, insult and destruction of historical and religious sites by Armenia in the territories liberated from the occupation as a result of our brilliant victory in the 44-day Patriotic War. He has also regretted that the report contains a number of biased information that does not reflect the truth and is not based on facts. The Deputy Chairman has reminded the Azerbaijani delegation’s forthcoming visit to the USA for the second annual International Religious Freedom Summit on June 28-30 and stressed the inevitability of a meeting with the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom for more objective and thorough reports.

Expressing gratitude for the warm welcome, Michael Dickerson has noted Azerbaijan’s rich history of religious tolerance, as well as expressed sympathy to our country. The guest has emphasized the significance of meetings and the need for further intensifying cooperation and discussions.